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Mission, Vision and Values

Our general objectives haven't changed. We keep our Mission, Vision and Values.


We’re a beachfront, urban hotel with an avant-garde innovative style of architecture. We like to get to know people and offer them unique experiences, so we can achieve profitability for our shareholders and keep our business sustainable. We have a clear vocation for service: people are always first.


Our vision is to be the 4 * SUP sector leader as we strive for excellence in service and quality, long-term relationships with our customers and employees.


Innovation, customer oriented and spirit of improvement. Our philosophy is to seek excellence and stand out from the crowd, so our guests want to come back.


 Respect for the environment and people and a continual quest for sustainability, so we can minimise our impact on the environmental.

Social responsibility

 We’re committed to our local surroundings, our community and society.


 Our desire is to carry out responsible administration founded on honesty, trust and fairness as our fundamental values.

Sustainability | Barcelona Hotels | Princess Hotel Sustainability | Barcelona Hotels | Princess Hotel
Sustainability | Barcelona Hotels | Princess Hotel

360 Princess and You

We create a virtuous circle of the environment, the environment, social responsibility, and self-service senior hotel business. In the center of this circle we place the client, and without it we cannot move forward in our plan to build a slightly better world. Coordinated actions including a gradual implementation that make this program a powerful tool.

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Sustainability | Barcelona Hotels | Princess Hotel

Barcelona Forum District

About Barcelona Forum District

Hotel Barcelona Princess and Barcelona Forum District

The Barcelona Forum District is another of our commitment to be developed jointly with institutions and companies in our immediate environment. It is in this area where the activity of the Hotel Barcelona Princess is channeled through the Barcelona Forum District, an association pioneer in Barcelona that responds to objectives of shared social responsibility concretized in programs of social, cultural and environmental development agreements socially committed companies.

Barcelona Forum District is committed to fair trade and socially responsible purchasing, and be fully identified with the creation, development and certification policies and actions responsible and committed to the environment. With the creation of the Barcelona Forum District was created in Barcelona the first social and environmentally responsible area of ​​the city.

All these actions would not be possible without the commitment and work of all the staff and equipment of the Hotel Barcelona Princess and its clear commitment to customer service and continuous pursuit of quality.

Sustainability | Barcelona Hotels | Princess Hotel


We place here all actions that are committed to the environment, such as waste management program, or energy saving. We talked about all areas of the hotel: public areas, water areas, rooms ... anywhere in the hotel we will try to do activities that help us improve our environment and urban hotel. We are leaders in the sector that we already have programs in place such as ISO 14001 or EMAS environmental management which we are very proud.

Socially responsible

We like to meet people from which interest us. Have integrity as a core value of our shares. We have developed programs working with non-profit entities in which we incorporate people at risk of exclusion in our team.


We strive for excellence in service, we are completely customer oriented. We will conduct projects that will orient all our values in this direction. A fine cuisine, gradually incorporating products called 360, proximity, fair trade, seasonal ... A careful selection we consider a real treat for our customers.

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Sustainability | Barcelona Hotels | Princess Hotel

Environmental certifications

Environmental policy

The Hotel Barcelona Princess true to its mission, vision and values ​​ acquires a commitment to sustainability and respect for the environment. This commitment is based on the following principles:

  1. Determine own environmental aspects of the activity, assess its extent and impacts resulting from them. Review them periodically to incorporate new activities or those that have undergone substantial changes.
  2. Ensure compliance with applicable legal requirements and other signed by the organization.
  3. Preventing pollution and saving natural resources, maintaining the quality standards required.
  4. Define objectives and sustainable environmental goals and that demonstrate the continuous improvement of the organization.
  5. Raise staff and customers towards greater sustainability. Facilitate their participation, to minimize the environmental impact of our activity.

This policy has been made known to all staff working in the organization and is available to the public.

Since 2006 Hotel Barcelona Princess commitment to implement the ISO 14001: 2008 on environmental management, and their annual reviews.                                     

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About EMAS

Since January 2014 the Barcelona Princess Hotel has been EMAS registered. We are especially proud of this recognition, which demonstrates our organisation’s environmental awareness.

What is the EMAS?

EMAS is the acronym for the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme, a management tool for companies and organisations with voluntary membership that makes it possible to assess, improve and publicise their environmental performance.

This management system is regulated by EU Regulation No. 1221/2009 of 25th November 2009, known as EMAS III.

EMAS registered organisations are recognised throughout the European Union by this logo and a registration number that guarantees the veracity of the environmental information they provide. The Barcelona Princess Hotel has an established environmental management system in accordance with EMAS requirements, registration number ES-CAT-000420.

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Tripadvisor Greenleaders

Your eco-friendly stay starts here.

Hotel Barcelona Princess is a Tripadvisor Gold GreenLeader thanks to our commitment to eco-friendly measures and green practices like recycling and using local and fair-trade food.

TripAdvisor’s GreenLeaders program looks at a hotel’s green practices and classifies it in one of four categories: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. They look at a wide range of eco-friendly practices, from re-using bed linen and towels to recycling waste, energy efficiency and informing staff and guests of said environmental practices, among other things. The greater the impact of a property’s green practices, the higher their status in the Tripadvisor GreenLeaders program.

Learn about all the green practices at Hotel Barcelona Princess.

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Also in Barcelona

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Central, urban and minimalist. Discover new sensations in its relax area, gym or from its terrace, solarium and infinity pool with its privileged location overlooking the city. Come and discover all the fascinating areas of the beautiful city of Barcelona.

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